Guidelines for Material Transfer Agreements

CSL Behring supports Material Transfer (MT) of post-approval product in limited quantity via the Material Transfer Agreement (MTA). MT requests must undergo a thorough internal review process to ensure the protection of the intellectual property of CSL Behring.

To request Material Transfer, an external investigator must be a licensed healthcare provider, or a researcher at a licensed laboratory or government agency (eg, NIH, FDA, etc.). The following documents are required:

  • Letter on official institution letterhead describing the
    intended use

    Acceptable Intended Use

    1. May only be for laboratory testing purposes limited to in vivo animal (not human), ex vivo, and in vitro studies.
    2. Must not be for in vivo human studies.
    3. Must not be for patient use intended to replace product for on-label or off-label use.
    4. Must not be for any promotional activities including for the inducement to prescribe, or reward for inclusion of product in institution formulary.
    5. Must not be for the determination of the integrity and the properties of the product. Must not be for the purpose of pursuing a new indication, new use, or new form of the CSL product.
  • Current curriculum vitae (CV), signed and dated
  • Material Transfer application form, available here
  • W-9 of receiving institution
  • Copy of your medical license or pharmacy license of the receiving institution

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