Concept Submission Process

  1. Contact your regional Medical Science Liaison to review the study concept and ensure all requirements are met
  2. Complete the IIS Concept Submission form available for download here
    • This form provides the necessary information for the CSL Behring Medical Affairs Review Committee to review any Investigator-Initiated Concept Proposals. Please provide all requested information and attach additional sheets if necessary. If you have any questions with regards to this form or the process through which new proposals are reviewed, please contact your Medical Science Liaison.
  3. Attach your signed and dated CV or Resume as well as an estimated budget
  4. Submit the concept application with attachments to your regional Medical Science Liaison
  5. The CSL Behring Medical Affairs department will review the concept
  6. If the concept is accepted, your Medical Science Liaison will guide you through the process of making a full submission and provide you with the necessary documents
Our Request Requirements have recently changed. Please take a moment to review them.