Request Requirements

  1. A complete educational grant application is to include the following documentation in pdf format:
    • Complete your Educational Grant Application online. If necessary, a CSL Behring Educational Grant Request Form can be requested.
    • A signed letter on the organization's letterhead requesting the Grant, including dates of the Program, any partners in execution of the Program and amount requested. For teaching institutions/hospitals, the request letter should come from the Grant Office or, if there is no Grant Office, the Continuing Medical Education (CME) Office, if possible.
    • An agenda and/or brochure for the program.
    • NEW! Using the required CSL Behring template, provide a budget for the Grant requestor designed program specifying projected revenue and expenses, in addition, if CSL Behring would be sole supporter or if multiple support is being sought.
    • Documentation that the purpose or intended use is to foster an increased understanding of scientific, clinical, or healthcare issues that are likely to contribute to the improvement of patient care.
    • Documentation of the hosting institution's accreditation as a CME provider (i.e., accreditation Certificate), if applicable.
    • Documentation of the hosting institution's status as a tax exempt entity (i.e., IRS determination letter), if applicable.
    • A completed W-9 for the Grant Payee.
  2. To allow time for processing, grant requests must be submitted 60 days or more prior to the activity for which funding is sought.
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Our Request Requirements have recently changed. Please take a moment to review them.